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Each unit during this course will require a Unit Folder. You may use the same 3-ring binder for each unit, or you may choose to buy a separate folder for each Unit. It is up to you.


The binder should measure 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" wide.

Your binder will be decorated as a class project by the due date assigned.

This assignment will be due ________.

You will be graded by your fellow classmates, using a binder decoration rubric.

You may decorate your binder at home or at school.

There will be time alloted during school to work on your binder.

You will turn in your completed Unit Folder at the end of each Unit.

The folders will be judged for Neatness, Completeness, Notetaking, and more, using a End-of-Unit Binder Rubric.

Units to be presented are listed on your handout.



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