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Banks, Lynne Reid                           Dark Quartet: The Story of the Bronte

Barnes, Margaret Campbell           The Tudor Rose

Costain, Thomas B.                         The Black Rose

Crichton, Michael                              The Great Train Robbery

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan                   The White Company

Holt, Victoria                                       My Enemy, the Queen

Plaidy, Jean                                        The Captive of Kensington Palace,

                                                              The Queen and Lord M.,

                                                              The Three Crowns, The Stuart Saga

White, T.H.                                          The Once and Future King*



Amis, Kingsley                                   Rudyard Kipling and His World

Carpenter, Humphrey                      Tolkien, a Biography

Chute, Marchette                               Ben Johnson of Westminster

Chute, Marchette                               Geoffrey Chaucer of England

Coolidge, Olivia                                 The Three Lives of Joseph Conrad

Dunlop, Agnes M.                              Girl with a Pen (biography)

Farson, Daniel                                   The Man Who Wrote Dracula

Gaskell, Elizabeth C.                        The Life of Charlotte Bronte

Green, Roger Lancelyn                    C.S. Lewis: a Biography

Halliday, F.E.                                      Wordsworth and His World

Harvey, Nancy Lenz                          The Rose and the Thorn:

                                                                   The Lives of Mary and Margaret Tudor

Hawkins, Desmond                         Hardy: Novelist and Poet

Higham, Charles                              The Adventures of Conan Doyle

Hilton, Timothy                                   Keats and His World

Jenkins, Elizabeth                             Elizabeth the Great

Lehman, John                                   Virginia Woolf and Her World

Lacey, Robert                                     The Life and Times of Henry VIII

                                                              Majesty: Elizabeth II and

                                                                   the House of Windsor

Marchand, Leslie A.                          Byron: a Portrait

O’Connor, Frank                                An Only Child (biography)

Pudney, John                                     Lewis Carroll and His World

Raphael, Frederic                             W. Somerset Maugham and His World

Strachey, Lytton                                 Elizabeth and Essex, Queen Victoria

Sykes, Christopher                           Evelyn Waugh: a Biography

Vieser, Rudolph                                The Barretts of Wimpole Street (biography)

Wagenknecht, Edward                     The Man Charles Dickens: a Victorian Portrait

Winwar, Frances                               The Immortal Lovers: Elizabeth Barrett and

                                                              Robert Browning



Austen, Jane                                      Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility

Bolt, Robert                                        A Man for All Seasons (drama)

Brent, Madelaine                               Merlin’s Keep

Bronte, Anne                                      Agnes Grey

Bronte, Charlotte                               Jane Eyre*

Bronte, Emily                                      Wuthering Heights

Christie, Agatha                                 Murder on the Orient Express

Conrad, Joseph                                Lord Jim, Secret Sharer

Dahl, Roald                                        Kiss, Kiss (short stories), “Someone Like You”

Defoe, Daniel                                     Robinson Crusoe*

Dickens, Charles                              David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, The

                                                              Old Curiosity Shop, The Pickwick Papers,

                                                              A Tale of Two Cities

Du Maurier, Daphne                         Rebecca

Eliot, George                                      Silas Marner

Forster, E.M.                                       Passage to India

Fowles, John                                     The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Hardy, Thomas                                  Far from the Madding Crowd,

                                                              Jude, the Obscure,

                                                              The Mayor of Casterbridge,

                                                              A Pair of Blue Eyes,

                                                              Return of the Native,

                                                              Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Hilton, James                                    Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Lost Horizon

Huxley, Aldous                                   Brave New World

Lawrence, D.H.                                  Sons and Lovers

Mansfield, Kathryn                            Stories (anthology)

Marlowe, Christopher                       Dr. Faustus (drama)

Maugham, Somerset                       Of Human Bondage, Razor’s Edge

McCullough, Colleen                        The Thorn Birds

Meredith, George                              The Ordeal of Richard Feveral

O’Connor, Frank                                More Stories (anthology)

Orwell, Frank                                      1984*

Priestly, J.B.                                        Thirty-first of June

Saki (H.H. Munro)                              The Best of Saki

Scott, Sir Walter                                 Ivanhoe*

Shaw, George Bernard                    Androcles and the Lion (drama), Pygmalion,

                                                              St. Joan

Shelley, Mary                                      Frankenstein

Sheridan Richard                              The School for Scandal (drama)

Stevenson, Robert Louis                 Kidnapped*

Stewart, Mary                                      The Crystal Cave*, The Hollow Hills*,

                                                              The Last Enchantment*,

                                                              The Moonspinners, This Rough Magic

Swift Jonathon                                   Gulliver’s Travels

Twain, Mark                                        A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,

                                                              The Prince and the Pauper,

                                                              Reflections on Joan of Arc,

                                                              Touch Not the Cat

Uris, Leon                                           Trinity

Waugh, Evelyn                                   Dearly Beloved

Wilde Oscar                                       The Importance of Being Earnest (drama)

Williams, Emlin                                 The Corn is Green

Woolfe Virginia                                  Flush: a Biography

  • = books I have read ­ there are many on this list I WISH I had read before because they are unusual and important books. Personally, I could read Jane Eyre again even after reading it three times.

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