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Welcome to my Paper Dolls page! I have recently been interested again in paper dolls. I went to Ebay and looked at a few old one lately - and had a LOT of fun!


I love paper dolls!

Here is a little about collecting...

You can spend as much or as little as you want collecting paper dolls. There are very old ones that are, of course, very expensive. You can find vintage paper dolls from the 1800's right now on Ebay, though, for less money than you think.

Some of these older paper dolls are early advertisements that were giveaways for coffee companies. Others were commercially made.

Paper dolls are still available new today, though some of the cutest ones can be vintage ones from the 60's or 70's.

Paper dolls are part of a larger group of collectibles some call ephemera - because paper objects tend not to last very long compared to other collectibles. That is why they can sometimes become rare fast.

But because they sold for so little in the first place, their price can often be quite reasonable compared with more precious things.

Paper doll collecting websites and links

I have found some great websites lately while I did research on paper dolls this year. Here they are:

Paper doll online links

Free paper dolls

Lucinda Durbin's archived paper dolls (click on Paper Doll Archives, to left - when you get there.)

Printable paper doll links from About.com

More links from About.com about paper dolls

More free paper dolls to print out (links to them)

Free Dear America paper dolls from Scholastic

Information about paper dolls

Marilee's Paperdolls page

The History of Paper Dolls by paper doll maker Judy M. Johnson At OPDAG, the Paper Doll Artist's Guild

The My Paper Dolls site

A Guide to magazine paper dolls

Commercial sites

Dover's commercial (& new) paper dolls

The Papergoodies Site has many to see, including Patsy and her furniture, Margaret B. Hayes 1913, and JMJ Cutie dolls.

These are reproductions for sale of many older paper dolls I have never seen before. You will probably find a lot of examples here to bookmark. I didn't think there were so many different kinds of repro dolls available. This site is really fun to explore.

The Paper doll bulletin board -

(You can find paper dolls for sale here )

Scans and pictures of different paper dolls

The Second Childhood page at Fortune City

(some popups - but neat stories and pictures)

Teri's Paper Doll Scans

I hope you have as much fun visiting these as I did!

Please let me know other good sites I can add. Thanks.

Related collecting

Paper dollhouses, furniture, and other foldable toys made of paper are also a definite category for collecting.

Playing cards, which are made of cardboard, also is a top collectible in the paper area.

You can also find great paper miniatures for dollhouses to collect.

A couple of Card Collecting Sites

You can find out more about card collecting at the two most popular card collecting websites in the U.S., the CPCC Card club (warning - this site has music that plays on it that you can't turn off. Maybe turn your volume off before you go there...) and the 50 plus joker club.


Here is a related commercial site I liked:

I was really impressed by these things for sale and wished I could buy a bunch!

I have never seen these before. I especially like the little bitty books of all kinds for your dollhouse or miniature collection. The book series for sale nclude Lord of the Rings, Tom Clancy, National Geographic - and OMG! A 23-book Stephen King set!! Check it out: http://miniature-bookshelf.ioffer.com/

I will be looking for more collecting links soon. I hope you enjoy these!

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