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Your Class Journal

Each student will have a class journal, labelled with their name and class period on the front.

Students will write in their journals in class and at home.

Students can write:


A. Personal journal entries

B. Writing assignments

C. Bellwork

D. Extra Credit Work

E. Other Assignments


in their journals. Students may also illustrate their writing.




Other Journal Procedures

You should have a class Journal which will be used for only for this class.

(A composition notebook is recommended.)

Use pen or pencil to write in your journal.

Using two different colors, one for the titles and a different one for the body of the text, will make your journal look better and more organized.

Each Daily Journal entry should have at least five lines in it. Number each line and date each entry.


Example: Tuesday, March 11th

(1) sdljsldjsdjlsjdlsjdlksdlksjd






The first page should be the title page. Write your full name, section, and school name on it.

Number the pages in the right bottom corner.

Always write the titles with capital letters.

Each day, put the date first.

Keep your journal clean and organized.

Your journal will be collected and checked from time to time.

Turn it in on time when you are asked.

Take good care of your journal. Do not lose it.




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