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We will be able to work on enjoyable group projects every Unit, in class and out of class at the computer lab, the library, or other location(s).

Groups will help each other and contribute to the group efforts.

Each group member will receive a grade from other group members using a Group Rubric and a grade on their Projects by both the class and the teacher.

Groups will be assigned by the teacher.

Each group will divide work equally between group members.

Groups may work on assignments both in class and at home, if needed.

Each group member will exchange phone numbers and email in order to communicate about each group project.

Groups may decide to study together before tests or quizzes, raising each group member's grade. This is up to each group how they want to do pre-test studying.

Groups will be arranged well away from other groups.

Some groups may wish to have a study session and meet outside of class. This can increase the grade for the group a lot. It is up to each group whether they want to do this.

Group work is a priviledge, not a right.

If at any time a group does not seem to be working together or is causing a problem (such as interfering with group work, too much noise, etc.) for the class or other groups, the teacher will rearrange the groups OR substitute an individual project or assignment.

Group Work: Groups will quickly and quietly form their groups to work on their assignments when they are told to do so. Group Work time is time allotted to work on assignments.

Each group will be monitored to make sure they are on task.

Groups will be graded on participation and work accomplished each day by each other AND by the teacher.















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