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About Collecting and collectibles:

I used to collect a lot of different things. Among these were:

Boxes (all kinds)

Horses (statues)

Little porcelain animals

Books (always - never stopped this one)


Playing Cards

Barbie stuff





Now I still have very small collections (except for the books). The feeling of fun discovery is still there, though. When I run across some of these things in yard sales or thrift stores that I used to collect, I still get the very same thrill finding them.Sometimes it's really hard to sell them because I like them so much.

At present, I'm trying to get some room in my house by paring down all of my collections. I simply have too much stuff. Am I a packrat? Well.... not quite...

My Stores

I have a storefront at Amazon, and sometimes I buy and sell on Ebay. Here are my personal business links:

My Product Spotlight Page

My Business Page

My Ebay selling page

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The cost of collecting

I know some people put a lot of money into their collections, but I try not to do that. I try to find really good deals. I guess you would say I'm cheap. I feel like I need to be, because otherwise I wouldn't have any money at all!

It does help that most of the things I collect are not expensive or hard to find. I would say the very least expensive things I collect are playing cards, mainly because you can collect singles and trade for others. You can improve on a card collection and not spend any money at all, aside from stamps for envelopes and your time.

When I was a girl, I would go and ask for old playing cards in the neighborhood. You'd be surprised at how many incomplete decks and old playing cards people used to hoard that they were happy to get rid of. This made for very cheap collecting!

Selling Collectibles

I do sell some collectibles, but mostly I sell books. I find some fun things like collectible cards and small knick-knacks at yard sales sometimes, too.It's fun to find out what people collect, and to get a customer who is thrilled at finding a treasure.

I think it's also fun to explore Ebay to find out what other people collect. A person can learn a lot from doing this kind of research. For instance, I found out that people are taking Barbie dolls and making "one of a kind" dolls from them. (OAK). The ones I've seen are really beautiful. People switch the hair on them, paint new faces, and give each one a personality.

Another new idea that is sweeping Ebay is selling ads. These ads come from old magazines. People clip them out to sell. When you see pictures of these ads on Ebay, you can see why people like them. They are so interesting, especially if you like history.


I have seen pricing on the most popular selling and buying site (Ebay) that are either too high or too low. Most of the time, you can find great deals there. You can "snipe" and grab an item at the very last minute, too, automatically with free or low-cost programs available on the internet. I do think it's important to research before you sell or buy a collectible item. Otherwise, you might miss out on a good deal of money.

You can do this by searching the Ebay site or using a search engine such as Yahoo or Google to find out prices of similar items already sold online. It's worth the five minutes or so to do this.

New Auction Sites

Right now I'm finding out which of the new auction sites are the best. Ebay is the greatest volume seller, and gets loads of traffic, which every collectibles dealer wants. They are fee-based, but if you are careful you can recoup your costs and make a profit.

There are some new auction sites out there now. Some are listed at the left side on this page. I plan to see which one I like the best, and try at least one or two new selling sites this year.

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