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So far, I have downloaded about five different packages of ebooks that I bought on Ebay. These ebooks included loads of different things - like hundreds of web page templates, books on how to succeed in business, cookbooks, entrepreneur tips, books by ebay sellers, sales guides, windows programs, and much more.

Some said that I could resell the packages - but I wasn't too sure about that. Anybody could say that a package was not copyrighted - and it might not be true. I want to be very careful that I am no infringing before I resell those. But maybe someday I will make such a package, after I check each job and program all out to make sure the owner doesn't mind first.

One Ebay auction was really inexpensive - - and gave me a website that I could download lots of free things on. I thought it was a very good deal - because a person could search all day long and not find this site. I will put it on here as soon as I find it again.


There are many free ebook sites around. The most famous one is the Gutenberg site. You can download ebooks there for free in many different formats.

There are more free ebooks sites listed on the Bookseller Central page, too.


The best site for free audiobooks is Librivox.org. You can download these to your desktop, then just double-click to have them play on your computer. Drag and drop these to your MP3 player as well.


Here are some books I definitely recommend:

BIRD BY BIRD - by Anne Lamott. Find out why Anne Lamott is one of the hottest writers out there right now! She tells you all about her writing journey and what you can do to write better. I would never have discovered this if it weren't required for a class - - and I'm glad it was.

ON WRITING - by Stephen King - outstanding! I highly recommend this book. One thing I learned - NEVER write Mr. King a letter with the words "really cool" in it - these are definitely NOT his favorite words. (Sorry, Mr. King! - I wouldn't have ever done it if I had read that page in your book first...)

If you were ever curious about his accident - you know, the one with the van... he writes about it in here too. He really almost died. I am SO glad he is better now. Are you reading his latest series about The Gunslinger? If you aren't, you need to be. I think Stephen King is one of the greatest writers ever.

Guess what? You aren't supposed to send in your writing exercise, even though it says to in the book, On Writing. He got too many responses to that, so he just couldn't do that anymore.

Did you hear that he wants to retire? He said he was going to. I think he's just slowed down a bit and is vacationing more. But by what I'm reading in the papers, he still has LOTS of energy - - and is still very busy with editing anthologies, reading, and writing even more. He inspires me.

THE ARTIST'S WAY - by Julia Cameron - how to break free of your artist block and get going with your true, artistic life. Read Chapter One and you are already on the way to becoming a writer or artist. You will be more in touch with your feelings. A good book. If you have gone your whole life thinking, "I am going to do that thing someday..." maybe this book will help you actually get motivated. This book can be read again and again.

CETAGANDA - the further adventures of Miles Vorkosigan (I've ALMOST read all of these now...) TAPEBOOK FORMAT - the better to clean with... Miles as Detective... another intergalactic mystery - will Miles figure out who is trying to upset the balance of power? Everything could be a trap - and you are there. Wow - twelve tapes. I will be hard put to finish before it's due. I even renewed it!

HOLES - by Louis Sachar - really good. An adventure - and you don't know how it's going to end up. A real page-turner. They put this on as a play in Junior High School at Auburn, Kentucky two years ago. It's a great book, no matter what your age.

THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS - all of them. Super-great books. Absorbing. A treat. Did you see the latest movie? I'm so glad that Ms. Rowlings decided to write these.

Julia King's series. What a great bunch of books, starting with "The Beekeeper's Apprentice," which is the best one. Julie King re-imagines Sherlock Holmes - - with a new girl apprentice. The apprentice is very intelligent and is able to match wits with Holmes.

I was a fool for the old Sherlock books and audio books, so of course I love these.

JUST FINISHED : The Necroscope book series by Brian Lumley. These are very different - - and hypnotizing. The hero of the books is Harry Keogh, "fearless vampire hunter." I want to go to Barnes and Noble and see if he's written any more after "DeadSpawn."

And what is Stephen King reading? I go to find out here:

Stephen's Picks

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