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Student Responsibility Report Sheet


Today’s day and date:_____________________


Your name (please print)____________________________ Date_____________________


Your class block_________



Check all that apply to you.


____ I did not have materials in class today.


circle: book, pencil, paper, notebook, other__________________.


____ I did not have the assigned homework.


____ I did the homework, but did not have it in class.


____ I did not return assigned materials (i.e. progress report).



Excuses: Check all that apply to you.


____ I did not have appropriate materials at home.


____ I forgot.


____ I was too sick to do my homework.


____ I was absent and did not get the assignment from another student.


(Day and date absent:_______________).


Reason you did not get assignment from another student:



____ Other: Explain in detail:



Place this form in your class assignment box before you leave class today.



Teachers: click here to download this form.



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