Mythology and the Creative Myth: Handout for the Student lesson plan - part of the Antigone Unit


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Tuesday, 2-4-07 Day 8, Antigone Unit - HANDOUT

Friday, 2-6-07 Day 1, Mythology and the Creative Myth ­ HANDOUT 

Reminder: Group Projects start next Friday. Sign up on the signup sheet for which day you would like to present.

Groups sign up today for Presentation Dates.

I read two more myth stories today, if time permits.

We read any Group Myths that weren’t read yesterday.

Family myths and stories ­ Our Family Heritage.

Also, on the class website is a Genealogy site where students may do a Webquest on their family tree and interview a family member to get some family stories. Everyone should try to get at least one good story from a family member. Two stories are preferable. Do you have a movie camera? Can you tape your relative? We will write a story about a family member and bring it in to class.

We will be following a Lesson Plan from PBS.

(My Native American story)

Now we hear a Native American story. This has photos and a taped story. You may do this kind of story too.

Circle of Stories ­ the PBS Lesson Plan.

1/2 hour to 3/4 hour.

I put on ActivBoard and go over it with the class.

Rosanna Archdale reads her family story.


You will be able to upload your stories to the PBS site too! We will do an overview on this project.


Get with me to start on this project or to discuss Individual projects on Antigone too.


1/2 Hour: We will watch the rest of the Antigone movie today, if we haven’t finished it yet.


We will discuss Writing Groups today and how to give good comments on each other’s written work.




Homework Assignment: Students will use their favorite idea for a Creative Myth and will work on it this weekend, coming up with a rough draft of the story at least 2 pages long, handwritten, or 1 page long typed, double-spaced. CHECK RUBRIC to make the Creative Myth match this by Wednesday, when it is due.


The class will work in groups to help with each written piece. Step One: rough draft: due on Monday.


We show more creation myths online if there is time.


We can meet to do research for the Antigone project OR read in our books, if time.

Sign up on the book sheet to show what you are reading or have read.

Get some free lesson plan links


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