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Poem, music and art lesson ­ a combination!


How to make a webquest ­ a template guide

B.J. Pinchbeck’s

Homework Helper

The Educator’s Reference Desk

The National Endowment for the Arts

FREE hard copies of brochures and guides,

Also Pdf files

LETSnet lessons

from Michigan State University

Kathy Schrock’s Page

Songs for Teaching from Dr. Davison:

(Teaching with Music)

The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

Summer Teacher Institute

Lesson Plans incorporating music:

From Dr. Davison:

GEM Gateway to Resources

Free Rubrics at Rubistar

More Rubrics from all over the US

Quizzes online or make your own

Learning Style Inventories from Dr. Kacer’s Site:

Multiple Intelligences

Similar to Myers-Briggs

Several Instruments Here - about technology ­ free

Patrick Crispen’s site

A simple concept web

A concept-event map\

A K-W-L worksheet

Filling the Tool Box ­ how to get your students to ask questions in class:

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