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Dr. Kacerís Links: - Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies:

Dr. Kacerís Teaching Tips Site:

Find words and their pronunciation too!

The Educatorís Reference Desk

B.J. Pinchbeckís

Homework Helper

LETSnet lessons

from Michigan State University

Quizzes online or make your own

FREE grammar lessons:

Ohio University Student Resources:

English Tutorials

Maybe just New York and CA.

Paul G. Blazer High School

Electronic Locker

Great idea! Check this out too!

The New Hungary Site

Find words and their pronunciation too!

Single Serving Foreign Language Phrase Guides

(example: Hungarian)

3 Translation Services on the Internet

Babel Fish from Altavista ≠ free translations

Of words or web pages

Hungarian Language Lessons site

Daveís ESL Cookbook:

Pizazz ESL English Links ≠ good for Language Arts too

Harry Potter Cards for ESL teachers to use


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