The Hobbit FREE lesson plans and links

Do you love Tolkien and The Hobbit?


Here are some files to check out:


High School Teachers at Random House: Teaching The Hobbit:


Fan Fiction: about Hobbits


Houghton-Mifflin: Tolkienís Middle-earth:

Lesson Plans for Secondary School Educators


the Hobbit Site features Art and Games!


Tolkien Poetry from The Hobbit


California Teacherís Corner Hobbit lesson


Summaries of the chapters from a

Fifth Graderís point of view:


Make a Software Game of The Hobbit

Webquest for Middle School


Finding Fact in Fantasy ≠ Webquest for The Hobbit

Grades 9-10 ≠ from Loyola Marymount


Words and Tolkien ≠

How Tolkien invented the words in The Hobbit

Interesting facts about English words


Teacher resource file


Tolkien timeline


Quizzes and chapter summaries


Hobbit student study guide


Lesson Plans from the Tolkien Society ≠

includes Tolkien Day,  Other Events and Projects


Random House High School Teacher's

Guide to the Hobbit

Great guide - includes vocabulary

and chapters


Tolkien Teacher Resource file

from the Internet School Library

Media Center at James Madison University

Oops - he is taking this down!

I will copy it in a folder


Read/Write/Think Characterization

Lesson Plan

fromthe Read/Write/Think site


Hobbit Music, a Hobbit Game,

more at the Hobbit Site


The One Ring - the complete

guide to Tolkien Online


The Abiator's Hobbit Site

Includes short chapter summaries

and drop-down-menu quizzes

Also an Adventure Maze

and quizzes with answers included


The Hobbit Adventure Maze

from the site above

for kids, but it's fun


Quotes from The Hobbit


Houghton-Mifflin Teacher's Guide


Teaching with Technology

Some Hobbit Ideas


Web English Teacher Hobbit sites


The Tolkien NY Times Archives

includes Lesson Plans


The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship


Hobbit costumes!


The Tolkien Tour


Elvish site ≠ links

Also has it translated to other languages


On Hobbits and Genealogy


Lalaithís Middle Earth Science pages

Go to the class website

Go to the Intern class pages - 2007

Go to the Student Teaching class pages - 2006




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