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First of all, here is my Ebay page.

Putting things on Ebay to sell is exciting. It's fun to get bids, and it's also fun to meet people online.

I have put some links on the left and right-hand sides of this page that have been helpful to me.

I have recently started an Ebay blog and have filled in some more information about myself on the new Ebay World pages, too.

People on Ebay are very helpful. You can post a message in the many message boards on Ebay in your selling or buying specialty, and you will get answers to many questions. Check out some of the useful Ebay boards to the left of this section here.

My World at Ebay now has blogs, and I've started posting on it there. You can see My Blog here too.

I think the more experience I get with Ebay, the easier it gets for me. I am selling mostly books right now, but I also sell collectibles, t-shirts, playing cards, and magazines. I am getting some Ebooks written right now, and hope to be able to sell some soon.

Click the above logo to go to my Ebay pages.

I think that really diving into Ebay (for me) means taking advantage of the radio lessons and classes available on Ebay. I want to take some of those classes soon.

To the right and left on this page are some links that have personally helped me in my Ebay selling. I like to look up products and books to see what other people have priced in the past, and just to help me get an idea of a value for things I am selling.

I think that Ebay is the best selling venue because there are SO many people there. You really do get a lot of lookers and browsers at Ebay, plus you can also pick up good deals to collect or re-sell.

I look forward to hearing from you, my customers and browsers. Please feel free to write AND GET A FREE EBOOK WITH THE BEST FREE ARTWORK SITES ONLINE (also see the form to the right and up the page some...).

I am starting to learn about other web venues, too. See the links to the right. These may help you find information and success on the internet.

I hope to meet you personally online soon!





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